Restaurant, hotel, sauna & conference Book your meetings, your stays and enjoy the restaurant's food and vibe The hotel is located right in the heart of Närpes, hence the house is called "Mitt i Stan"  - swedish for "Center of City". Red & Green offers both sauna and conference rooms of high quality. The modern house also includes an art gallery and a cuture hall - which is used a few times a week as a cinema for Biobio Showtime. Here in the city center everything is just around the corner. Welcome to take part of our hotel and the center of Närpes. video 3d


Here you can read about the latest happenings in our hotel

Since our hotel is living in symbiosis with the culture house of Närpes, there are often different types of cultural happenings in the building. Both cinema, music events and an art gallery can be found in the house.

Go to the webpage of the culture house to check out the upcoming events in the building: 


Tomatkarnevalen Hotel Red & Green 2018 Kicks duo
Tomatkarnevalen 6-7.7.2018
Sommar lunch Närpes
Sommarlunchen serveras alla vardagar kl. 11-15

What is being served?

Lunch time in the restaurant

Each weekday new fresh lunches are served in the restaurant's buffet. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast at the hotel, while the evening offers everything in the restaurant menu.

Måndag 16.7

Grisnoisetter med pepparsås (G,L)
Kycklingnuggets med pommes frites (L)
Grönsaksbiffar med tzatziki (G,L)
Vitchokladmousse med jordgubbar (G,L)

Tisdag 17.7

Grillad kyckling med ajvarsås (G,L)
Nötköttswok med ris (G,L)
Lax och räksoppa (G,L) med hembakt bröd (L)
Banan-chokladkaka (L)

Onsdag 18.7

Grisschnitzel med champinjonsås(L) (Glutenfri fås från köket)
Mexikansk lasagne med majs och rödlök (L)
Krämig blomkålssoppa med ädelost (G,L)
Toscapäron med vaniljsås (G,L)

Torsdag 19.7

Ugnslax med lime-koriandersås och nypotatis (G,L)
Knackkorv med potatismos och lingonsylt (G,L)

Grönsakskorv (G,L)
Plättar med sylt och grädde (L)

Fredag 20.7

Nötentrecôte med cognacsås (G,L)
Kyckling med currysås och ris (G,L)
Falafelbullar med raitasås (G,L)
Chokladkräm med vispgrädde (G,L)

Our hotel rooms

When you stay longer

We have 30 highly equipped hotel rooms, 27 double rooms and one single room.
The suites includes a livingroom, a bedroom and a sauna. All hotel rooms have a hair dryer, an electric kettle and an iron.